Agriculture and Aquaculture

Food security and stability is increasingly becoming a concern for governments and companies across the globe.

Our masterbatch can improve products that are vital to helping farmers increase yield such as irrigation pipes or mulch film. Colloids’ innovative ENVIRO-TEC® range is also tackling plastic pollution head on.

Drip Irrigation Pipes

Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient agricultural systems, designed to precisely release water to the roots of plants. This system is gaining popularity around the world to help maximise plant and crop yield.

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Twine and Fibre

Colloids is a leading manufacturer of masterbatches suitable for low and high denier fibres and twines, ensuring the optimal colour and tenacity with ease of processing.

High Performance Colours

Mulch Film

Often used to boost the crop yields of fruit, flower and vegetable plantations, mulch films block out weeds and retain soil moisture. By increasing soil temperature and humidity, the mulch film boosts root growth and germination, reducing expenditure on fertiliser or chemical supplements.

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Fishing Equipment

Polymers have a very important use in aquaculture. Fishnets made from polyamide, glass reinforced polyamide and polyethylene frame net cages, and pen culture in water-locked areas, are some examples.

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