In the appliances market, having an instantly recognisable brand is key.

Standout colours and special effects can help appeal to customers. Colloids are experts in both these areas, supplying high-quality masterbatch in line with key trends and fully compliant to global regulations.

Industrial Appliances

Product performance is key in this sector. Plastics can help improve function and create cost and weight savings. Whatever the application, Colloids can develop the grades to meet the most demanding international specifications.


Consumer Appliances

Plastic’s versatility allows manufacturers to create eye-catching designs taking into account shape, colour, production and regulatory compliance. At Colloids we collaborate with brand owners and OEMS to create new colours and effects that work perfectly with any polymer, the design team can also offer uprated performance formulations of existing products to prevent defects such as scuffs and scratches, dust, and colour fading.

High-Performance Engineering ColoursSpecial EffectsFunctional Additives

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