Automotive, Aerospace and Transport

Polymers help the transport sector improve efficiency, increase comfort and take performance to new heights.

Plastics continue to revolutionise the transport sector by reducing weight and space demands and enabling better fuel efficiency. Cutting edge plastic products offer improved durability or increased safety performance, and when it comes to style and comfort in interiors, the sky’s the limit.

We supply masterbatch to automotive and aerospace industries with an emphasis on innovation and research to stay ahead of the curve. Our products are deeply embedded in transport systems across the globe, from aerospace and maritime routes connecting countries to buses and trams connecting people’s daily lives. We are proud to have been one of the first masterbatch companies to gain IATF 16949:2016 accreditation, and we are constantly striving to improve product performance through increased investment in research and development.

Under the Bonnet

Lightweight polymers improve the energy efficiency of vehicles. They are increasingly used as an improved replacement for metallic parts in critical components such as transmission systems and brakes components. Colloids ensures optimal performance and reliability of its products through thorough quality control.

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Automotive Interiors

Polymers enable occupants to ride in style with enhanced comfort, aesthetics and function as well as end-of-life vehicle recovery. Colloids are experts in this sector and have produced automotive interior colour masterbatch compounds for over 30 years.

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Vehicle Batteries

Plastics are used within cells to boost power and improve range, and our E-TEC plastics are leading the way. Used as a semi-permeable membrane in battery separators or as a structural element and hardwearing insulator, they increase safety and performance.

Electrical (E-TEC)


The rigorous performance and safety needs of the aerospace industry, as well as international regulatory requirements, mean suppliers of polymers and additives have to be carefully selected. Colloids is proud to be a recognised leading supplier to the aerospace sector.

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