Universal Black Masterbatch - Black Stock Grades

Our comprehensive range of universal black masterbatch is used extensively throughout the polymer industry.

Offering improved processability and consistency, UV protection or enhanced material properties, such as flexural modulus, impact toughness, tear and puncture resistance, you can give your customers the specific attributes they need for any application, in a customised, cost-effective solution that ensures compliance with relevant regulations.

You can trust Colloids as the voice of experience, with over 50 years of business in polymer masterbatch and compound production. We operate state-of-the-art fully automated continuous mixers along with twin screw extruders, specially configured for optimal mixing and dispersion while protecting the integrity of the polymer and its properties.

Through careful selection of the polymer carrier and additive systems, Colloids has a universal black masterbatch that gives our customers the optimal balance of properties, providing enhanced value at optimal cost.

Geomembranes / Geo Synthetics

Geomembranes are primarily used for landfill liners and other solid waste containment, and for mining and water containment applications.

We offer a range of specialty geosynthetic masterbatches for manufacturing HDPE geomembrane liners in line with international and GRI standards: MPE9D2203, MPE9D2310 and MPE9D2219.

Colloids’ geosynthetic masterbatch grades are formulated with a high-performance stabilisation system using additives which minimise thermo- and photo-oxidative degradation during processing and end use.

Our premium grade geosynthetic product, MPE9D2310, is a carbon black-based masterbatch, specially formulated with a high-performance antioxidant system to meet the ageing requirements for High Pressure and Standard Oxidative Induction Time (OIT) specified in international regulations. For less critical applications, or where the masterbatch is being incorporated into a pre-stabilised resin, we offer a lower-cost carbon black masterbatch grade, MPE9D2219.

Drip Irrigation Systems

Colloids have developed a unique, high UV-protection black masterbatch for the high-speed extrusion of black polyethylene (PE) products that need to cope with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. This innovative new UV black masterbatch (MPE9D2349) has been formulated by our in-house R&D team in response to demand from leading manufacturers of over-ground ‘drip design’ pipe, tape and lay-flat tubing crop irrigation systems for the agricultural market, where excellent processability, as well as high UV and mechanical properties are required.

To maximise processing and UV-resistance performance, the formulation combines optimized carrier and anti-oxidant systems with a high-quality carbon black pigment. The major competitive advantage for drip irrigation producers using this new PE-compatible UV black masterbatch is that they can offer their customers a cost-effective drip irrigation system which can be expected to last a minimum of two growing seasons in a temperate climate.

Low VOC Foam

A key issue for manufacturers of polypropylene (PP) foams used in automotive interiors is that products must meet the stringent volatile organic compound (VOC) emission requirements set by global automakers to minimise fogging and odour levels in new vehicles.

Colloids’ low-VOC black masterbatch, specially developed for the production of high intensity black coloured foam products, meets leading car makers’ emissions criteria for low VOC and FOG emission values. It is tested according to VDA 278 automotive materials emission test methods. The Colloids low VOC masterbatch grades include MPP9D2365, MPP9D2066 and PE48/92F.

Agricultural and Mulch Film

Often used by fruit, flower and vegetable plantations to increase crop yields, mulch films block out weeds and retain soil moisture. By increasing soil temperature and humidity, the mulch film boosts root growth and germination, reducing expenditure on fertiliser or chemical supplements. White or coloured films provide reflected sunlight for the plants. In all cases, the implementation of mulch films allows for more effective use of water.

Our range of agricultural products meets the exacting needs and standards of the global food production market. Colloids have designed products that promote the best growth conditions, with polymer grades used in a wide range of polyethylenes, EVA, PLA and PHA, as well as meeting the increasing demand for biodegradable mulch films, such as MPE9D2350. The critical design parameters include:

  • High opacity / UV blocking
  • Weathering resistance
  • Mechanical properties, including tensile and impact strength and tear and puncture resistance
  • Tack properties (for silage stretch wrap film for bales)

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