Blow Moulding

With over 50 years’ experience supplying the blow moulding sector, Colloids offer extensive knowledge, proven formulations and a quick turnaround to help you achieve your desired results.

Our team of expert colourists have all the know-how needed when it comes to formulating colours and effects for blow moulding. Formulations are colourfast, heat stable, cost effective and easy to process without defects. Together with our processing aids, they offer significant benefits.

Colloids provide full technical support to our customers, from the initial sales consultation to attending moulding trials and site meetings. Colour matches can be supplied in as little as 24 hours. If you require a fast turnaround, just let us know at the time of placing your request and we will fast-track it through our laboratory.

Colloids are experts in formulating colour and styling effects such as:

  • Pearlescent

  • Metallic

  • Glitter

  • Transparent/translucent

  • Fluorescent

  • Matte

  • Fibres and stone textures

Colours can be supplied in combination with a range of enhancement additives such as:

  • Soft touch

  • Anti-static

  • Laser marking

  • Smooth

  • Scratch resistance

  • UV absorbing

  • Process aids

  • Anti-oxidants

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