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Colloids Showcasing Innovative New Speciality Masterbatch Products at Chinaplas 2019

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Colloids is exhibiting this week at Chinaplas 2019 (21-24 May), being held at the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazho, Guangzhou. The Colloids Group, which is part of the multinational Tosaf Group, has sales, production and R & D facilities in the UK and China, globally supplying high quality masterbatches, compounds and additives to OEMs, convertors, polymer producers and compounders.

The Colloids stand (booth 11.3 D27) at Chinaplas this year is showcasing the latest product innovations developed by Colloids’ R & D team: new Specialty black masterbatches for agricultural films and automotive interiors; a new plastic component laser marking compatible masterbatch range; a new T-TEC® Signal Orange (RAL 2003) high performance masterbatch for high voltage components in hybrid and electric vehicle engines. These four new products are key specialty masterbatch additions to the Colloids range of black, white and colour plastic masterbatch products and performance enhancing polymer additives which includes: anti-fog, anti-static, anti-wear/friction, anti-block, anti-slip, anti-stick, fire retardant, UV protection, anti-bacterial and biodegradable grades.

New High UV Black Masterbatch for Exposed PE Agricultural Irrigation Drip Systems

Colloids has developed a new high UV protection black masterbatch to high speed extrude black polyethylene (PE) products for the agricultural market that need to cope with prolonged outdoor exposure to direct sunlight. This innovative new UV black masterbatch has been successfully used for extruding improved quality overground ‘drip design’ PE pipe, tape and lay-flat tubing crop irrigation systems. To maximize processing and UV resistance performance, the formulation combines optimized carrier and anti-oxidant systems with a high quality carbon black pigment which helps to produce PE drip irrigation products expected to last a minimum of two growing seasons in a temperate climate.

New Low VOC Black Masterbatch for Automotive Interior PP Foams

Polypropylene (PP) foams used in automotive interiors must meet stringent volatile organic compound (VOC) emission requirements to minimize fogging and odour levels in new vehicles. Colloids new low VOC black masterbatch has been tested according to VDA 278 for automotive materials and meets leading global automakers’ emissions criteria for volatiles. High intensity black coloured interior PP foam products can, therefore, be produced with no additional residual VOCs being introduced in the formulation, or due to degradation of the black masterbatch during processing.

New Permanent Laser Marking Compatible Masterbatch Range for Plastics

Colloids has recently developed the new L-TEC® laser marking compatible masterbatch range which enables plastic components to be permanently laser marked or etched with key product information and branding in either a light or dark mark instead of ink printing or engraving; text, numbers, QR and bar codes, images and logos can be clearly laser marked on a plastic part.

Colloids’ L-TEC® laser marking masterbatches or compounds are custom formulated depending on the polymer grade, colour and type of laser mark required, optimised for line speed and marking sharpness. The L-TEC® laser marking range is available for a wide range of polymers in virtually any colour or effect, including metallic and pearlescent. Latest R & D trials have successfully demonstrated that a bespoke L-TEC® masterbatch can now also be produced for thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and clear rigid plastics, such as PC, PET, PMMA, GPPS and SAN, providing greater definition, contrast and considerably higher marking speeds.

Colloids’ L-TEC range enables automotive plastic part producers to meet the new IATF (International Automotive Task Force) 16949:2016 certification, as laser marking offers protection against counterfeit parts. Consumer products market sectors, such as cosmetics and food & beverage packaging, are also benefiting from using laser marking to produce aesthetic enhancements as part of branding and product packaging.

New High Temperature T-TEC® Signal Orange Masterbatch for PEEK

The Colloids T-TEC® high temperature masterbatch range, designed for high performance engineering polymers used in automotive, electrical, industrial and consumer appliances, now includes a new Signal Orange (RAL 2003) grade, which is the regulation colour specified by hybrid and all-electric vehicle engine manufacturers for high voltage electric cable and connector applications. The T-TEC® range can be supplied in either Colloids’ proprietary universal carrier, suitable for small mouldings, or in a specific polymer carrier. For high voltage engine component applications, T-TEC® Signal Orange (RAL 2003) in PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKetone) engineering polymer carrier is now available, providing resistance to continuous temperatures up to 200°C (392°F), with short-term resistance up to 260°C (500° F) .

Products developed by Colloids provide added value processing benefits, such as higher throughput rates, along with improved quality and functional performance for a wide range of plastics used in automotive, agricultural, electrical and electronics (E&E), construction, pipes, geosynthetics, consumer goods, and packaging markets.

All Colloids Group manufacturing sites are accredited and operate to ISO 9001 quality standards, with Colloids Knowsley and Colloids China having automotive industry IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 14001 accreditations.