Colour Masterbatch

Colloids offers customers a wide choice of innovative, high quality colour masterbatch products for extrusion, moulding and compounding. Colloids’ proven polymer colour masterbatch products, based on high quality pigments, are used with confidence worldwide throughout the plastics industry for both interior and exterior uses. Examples of market applications using Colloids thermoplastic colour masterbatches include: rigid and flexible plastic packaging for food, cosmetics, consumer and industrial products; toys; electrical and electronic goods; medical equipment, automotive interiors and under the bonnet; artificial grass.

Colloids provides a rapid colour matching service for customers needing a specific colour and level of opacity. Made to order, bespoke, colour masterbatch can also be custom formulated with a special effect, finish or functionality (e.g. anti-block, anti-static, anti-fog, UV stability, mould release, anti-bacterial etc.) and to comply with a required international food contact, toy or waste packaging regulation. Special effects colours include: wood, marble and stone, glitter, metallic, fluorescent and pearlescent.

Colloids colour masterbatch product range includes:

Standard Film Grade masterbatches (PE carrier based)

– the most popular industry colours.


Ultra-High-Performance Colour Masterbatch (T-TEC®)

– for PPS, PPSU, PPA and PEEK


High-Performance Engineering Colour Masterbatch (PACE®)

– for PA, PET, PBT, PC, PBT, TPE


Signal Orange (RAL 2003) Colour Masterbatch

– for PEEK, PPSU, PSU, PEI, PA10T, PA12, PBT, PA6T, PA66, PA4:6, PA6:10


Maxim® Universal Colour Masterbatch (Avg 1% let down)

– for a wide range of polymers including ABS, PVC, and Nylon. All grades RoHS, EU Food Contact and Toy regulation compliant


Special Effect Masterbatch

– wood, marble, stone, glitter, metallic, fluorescent, pearlescent and more


Bespoke Colour masterbatch products

– custom formulated to order

  • Standard Film grade colours (PE based) available from stock in popular RAL/ Pantone colours
  • High Performance engineering polymer colour masterbatches for demanding applications
  • Maxim® universal carriers combine organic pigments tint strength with the opacity of inorganics
  • Bespoke colour matching service with a wide choice of special effects and functionality as required
  • Wide Signal Orange masterbatch polymer grade choice for electric and hybrid vehicle applications.
  • Improved processing performance – compounding/ film & sheet extrusion/ pipe & profile extrusion/ blow & injection moulding
  • Accurate, high quality, end product colouring and batch to batch consistency
  • Wide choice of standard and bespoke colours and functionality to meet customer needs
  • Consistent colour masterbatch processing
  • Excellent long term colour performance, even in extreme conditions
  • Problem solving technical expertise and customer support
  • Improved surface finish and fewer defects
  • Higher output and reduced production costs
  • Lower energy costs
  • Peace of mind

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