Electrical and Electronics

Innovations in the field of electronics have driven some of the most significant social developments of the 21st century.

In a changing world of manufacture and resources, Colloids’ masterbatch range of bespoke polymers can keep your output at the cutting edge of production techniques and keep your company ready for whatever the future may hold.


Lightweight and easy to install, plastic helps eradicate the complex installation properties associated with metal units when used in piping, insulative seals and switchgear. Colloids offer a unique combination of materials, design, application development and general technical support across the full spectrum of Power Distribution (PD) applications.

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Battery Applications

Plastics are used within cells to boost power and improve range. Used as a semi-permeable membrane in battery separators or as a structural element and hardwearing insulator, Colloids bespoke E-TEC polymer range can be used to increase safety and performance.


Handheld Devices

Style, function and convenience are driving the global market of handheld electronic devices. Product designers are seeking high-performance materials that provide strength and resistance while still looking and feeling good.

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Combi Batch

Cable and Wire Connectors

Thermoplastics are the preferred material for power cable insulation, cable sheathing and flexible polymer compounds used in instrumental cables. Colloids offer a wide range of masterbatches suitable for high and low voltage, designed to meet the stringent requirements of thermoplastic and cross-linkable cable compounds.

Plugs and Sockets

Applications such as electrical and electronic housings, enclosures, sockets and switches demand tough, UV-stable components with resilience to hazardous environments. Colloids have a range of engineering polymer masterbatches and compounds for glass-filled polyamide, polycarbonates, PBT and high-temperature polymers such as PPS, PEAK and PEEK.

Ultra High Performance T-TEC®


Energy-efficient LED lighting has revolutionised the lighting sector, creating new challenges and requiring unique material solutions.

From light diffusion solutions to heat management, Colloids has the optimal solution.

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