When safety and quality are paramount, you can rely on Colloids. Our technical expertise and decades of operation ensure your products are of the highest quality, and meet all relevant safety regulations.

Colloids has been producing masterbatches for extrusion for over 50 years. You can trust in our experience and commitment to deliver outstanding products and services across a range of areas, including:

  • Thin film extrusion: Colloids supplies black and colour masterbatch in standard and customer-specific forms for both blown and cast extrusion processes. Colloids products are designed with the key properties vital to give our customers optimal mechanical and optical properties, with excellent processing through:
    • outstanding pigment dispersion
    • design and control of melt viscosity
    • low volatile content
    • consistent pellet size
  • Pipe extrusion: Used in areas including gas and drinking water pressure pipes, these products require the most quality and safety-critical conditions in the polyolefin industry. Whether for black or identification colours, Colloids is a world leading supplier of masterbatches into pressure pipe.
  • Tape and split film fibre extrusion: Key requirements include highly consistent colour, either in full colour or black, control of additive packages and all the necessities of a thin film extrusion.
  • Sheet extrusion: Covers a diverse range of areas, such as polystyrene (PS) sheet for thermoformed packaging and polyethylene (PE) sheet used in geomembranes. Colloids has very specific technical expertise in meeting each of their unique requirements for quality and formulation, including critical colour matching and extreme thermal stability.

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