Functional Additives & Functional Masterbatch

Colloids supply a comprehensive range of additive masterbatch products that are used extensively throughout the thermoplastics industry.

We can provide additive masterbatches based on many polymer systems such as ABS, ASA, EVA, PA (Nylon), PBT, PET, PE, PP, PS, SAN and universal carriers, and can develop appropriate solutions for bespoke applications.

We have a selection of standard additive masterbatches available from stock, including:

  • Antiblock - prevents films sticking together during and after processing

  • Antifog - maintains clarity of food packaging and agricultural films

  • Antioxidants – inhibits polymer oxidation (colour/polymer degradation, gels and black specks)

  • Antislip – increases coefficient of friction to prevent slip of stacked PE bags

  • Anti-scratch – improves scratch and abrasion resistance

  • Antistatic – gives mouldings a dust-free surface and prevents build-up of static charge

  • Blowing Agents – lower density to reduce part weight leading to lower costs, to create wood effects and also to prevent thick moulded sections from sinking

  • De-lustre – gloss reduction

  • De-nesting – prevents stacked mouldings sticking together during storage

  • Flame Retardants – offer varying degrees of fire resistance

  • Mould Release – prevents parts sticking in the mould

  • Process Aid – improves output and running conditions, removes die drool and improves surface finish while lowering energy costs

  • Nucleating Agent – improves cycle time, increases clarity and polymer crystallinity, foam nucleator

  • Paper-Like – creates paper-feel polymer film

  • Slip Agents – reduce coefficient of friction – often used in conjunction with antiblocks

  • UV Stabiliser/Absorbers – prolong life of part exposed to UV / packaging contents and also protect filled contents such as cosmetics and household cleaners from degrading

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