HDPE Masterbatch for Pipe Applications

Colloids is the recognised global leader of black and colour HDPE masterbatches to the polyolefin industry for PE63, PE80, PE100 and PE100-RC pipe compounds.

Global Leader

PE80 and PE100 compounds are designed for high-pressure gas and water pipes, with a guaranteed lifetime of over 50 years at maximum-rated pressure. High levels of dispersion and quality control are imperative for the production of these safety-critical HDPE masterbatches. Colloids’ experience in this market stretches back more than 35 years.

Initially, formulations were developed in partnership with major PE resin manufacturers for PE40, PE63 and PE80 MDPE pressure pipe. Today, Colloids are proud to be the recommended masterbatch supplier of several process licensors.

Ahead of the Pack

In the early 90s, Colloids was involved in the development of masterbatches suitable for PE100 (bimodal) pipe compounds ensuring compatibility to ISO12162: we were amongst the first companies to supply PE100 pipe-grade HDPE masterbatches. Our current range offers black and colour masterbatches suitable for the manufacture of bimodal PE100 and PE100RC compounds produced using the following technologies:

  • INEOS Innovene S

  • LyondelBasell Hostalen ACP

  • Borstar®

  • Mitsui cascade process

  • Unipol™ Prodigy™

  • CPC Cascade

Quality First

Colloids products are recognised for their high level of dispersion of particulate additives and uniform dispersion of primary and secondary antioxidants.

Our grades are classified and tested according to ISO 4427 and EN 12201 for drinking water application or ISO 4437 and EN 1555 for gas application, meeting the optimal balance of properties between stress crack resistance, resistance to rapid crack propagation, creep resistance and long-term strength.

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