High-Performance Additives

Colloids PACE® additives are easily introduced and homogenised into engineering polymers, improving properties such as heat, dimensional stability and other specific performance-enhancing properties.

Colloids have recently developed two new grades to help reduce frictional wear.

Molybdenum disulphide

PACE® MPA9D2338 is a new anti-wear concentrate which incorporates molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) in a polyamide (PA) 6 base polymer, compatible with a range of PA resin types including: PA6, PA66, PA46, aromatic polyamides and PA copolymers.

This grade has been developed to provide material solutions for design engineers looking to reduce dry running friction wear in moving parts.

Ideal for: bearings, sheaves, gears, sprockets, rollers and wear components.


PACE® MPA9D2339 is a concentrated dispersion of fine graphite particles in a proprietary PA resin blend. It is designed for addition to many PA polymer types.

This masterbatch grade is used primarily as an antifriction additive, as graphite significantly reduces the coefficient of friction of a material, with some potential to also reduce abrasive wear. The non-migratory nature of graphite combined with its antifriction properties makes this grade an ideal additive for parts used in submerged and potable water applications. In bearing systems, correctly formulated graphite modified compounds reduce the development of static charges during operation.

Ideal for: rotors and bearing components for water flow meters.

Metal detection

Colloids can offer a range of bespoke masterbatch and compound formulations that enable conventional plastics to be detected by metal detectors and/or X-ray scans. Conventional plastics are not normally detectable and, should they accidentally contaminate a product, can lead to expensive rejects and reputation-damaging product recalls.

Colloids’ detectable plastics are used in the food processing, health care and pharmaceutical industries as well as many other manufacturing processes that could be damaged by possible plastic contamination.

Ideal for: food scoops/scrapers, pens, cable ties, plastic trays, polyethylene packaging, and engineering and plant equipment that is often made from plastic rather than metal components.

Bespoke Services

Colloids produce graphite and MoS2 concentrates in other polymers as well as bespoke metal detection formulations. Please contact Colloids for more details.

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