High-Performance Engineering Colours (PACE®)

Our premier range of coloured plastics and polymers has been carefully crafted to fulfil a range of uses and function seamlessly with different processing and forming tools.

Our high-performance PACE® range has been specially formulated for engineering polymers for the thermoplastic industry. It’s an ideal metal replacement for when weight is an essential factor, such as in the automotive sector, and for applications where exceptional mechanical properties such as stiffness, toughness, and low creep are required. Our PACE® products can also provide polycarbonate applications, technically developed to ensure 100% end-product reliability, and the PACE® polyamide range includes products with a wide range of applications, from high heat tolerance to food safety compliance.

The comprehensive range of PACE® masterbatch can be tailored to address special functions, including UV stability, resistance to high temperatures and reduced friction reduction. We also manufacture PACE® additive and PACE® black masterbatch to fit your needs.

For non-standard applications, we offer a rapid colour matching service to create masterbatches that will meet your specific needs. Bespoke colours can be engineered to encompass a breadth of effects and finishes for some of today’s most demanding markets. We can also develop and produce coloured products incorporating functional properties, such as antistatic, UV stability, mould release, antibacterial etc.

Applications include:

Colloids has been formulating artificial turf polymers for over 25 years, offering the most stable products whatever the prevailing weather conditions. Working closely with our suppliers of pigments and UV stabiliser, we offer a portfolio of formulations to suit all applications. From the most extreme arid climates through to the most humid, Colloids have the technical expertise to provide the right product. As well as sports pitches, our products are also employed as hardwearing grass replacements in gardens and public spaces, grass mat displays for retailers, and PE/PP fibrillated or monofilament yarns. Colloids can also specifically formulate masterbatches with a range of properties, including resistance to UV degradation, lower friction, fire retardancy, mould/fungal resistance, antibacterial action and many more.

For over 40 years, Colloids has been producing formulations for use in pipe extrusion applications. Our main focus for pipe developments has been applications for PE80 and PE100 in both compound and masterbatch forms, though solutions for other, less critical, applications have also been formulated during this time. We have already started developing formulations for use in PE100+ and PE125 for those customers looking to improve the properties of their PE100 grades.

Used in sleeving, solid pipe and in stripes, Colloids compounds have high levels of dispersion, chemical resistance, heat stability and excellent weather fastness, while meeting the optimal balance of mechanical properties of rapid crack propagation, environmental low stress crack growth, creep resistance and long term strength.

Colloids is proud to offer:

  • Capability to produce within tight tolerance
  • Batch-to-batch colour consistency
  • Coloured compound capacity, as well as masterbatches
  • Dispersion of the highest quality
  • Over four decades of experience in the pipe market
  • One of the few globally approved suppliers of both black and coloured pipe formulations

As well as standard colours for potable water and gas, Colloids produce a full array of colours for pressure pipe applications such as:

  • Gas pipe PE80 and PE100: normally yellow or orange, can be a stripe over solid black pipe or a solid yellow or orange coloured pipe.
  • Water PE80 and PE100: normally light and dark blue shades, these can either be a stripe over solid black or solid blue pipe colours.
  • Sewage PE80 and PE100: normally a brown or orange stripe over a solid black pipe or a solid fully coloured brown pipe.

Other identification colours can be produced on request. The pipe compounds that we produce are tested and classified to PE100 RC classification in accordance with ISO 4427 and EN12201 for potable water or ISO 4437 and EN1555 for gas applications.

Colloids is a specialist in development and production of engineered masterbatch for under the hood and vehicle interior and exterior applications and has been a major supplier to the automotive industry for over 30 years.

The emergence of electrical vehicles has spurred the development of new colours, such as Signal Orange (RAL 2003), the regulation colour specified by many hybrid and all-electric vehicle engine manufacturers for high voltage electric cable and connector applications, available in engineered and flame-retardant engineered materials. Colloids also produces quality automotive interior colour masterbatch. By working in close collaboration with OEM and converters/compounders, we have built a reputation for high quality and excellent service.

Strategic global collaboration has led to the opening of a state-of-the-art Colloids facility in China – a leading market for the electrification of cars. Since 2015, Colloids has supplied products to the Chinese automotive industry from its facility at the Changzhou Hi Tech Industrial Park, near Shanghai.

Colloids technical expertise in the automotive industry includes:

  • Capability to produce within tight tolerance
  • Batch-to-batch colour consistency
  • Capacity to produce factory coloured compounds
  • Colouration of high temperature materials
  • Specialised and standard blacks and colours
  • Superior dispersion

Colloids is IATF 16949:2016 certified and delivers continuous improvement in performance with regards to both service and products.

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