Injection Moulding

With mastery of commodity and engineering polymers, Colloids supply masterbatch solutions for any job in the injection moulding market.

We formulate colours with either polymer-specific or universal carrier systems. Not only do we carefully formulate the pigment system, we also take care of the choice of carrier system. The carrier is just as important as the pigment for even colour distribution on each and every moulding: melt and flow characteristics are crucial to understanding how the masterbatch will dilute the polymer compound. With our detailed design framework and expert team on hand, you can be sure the product you order will work first time.

For small runs of coloured product, our stocked universal range Maxim® is perfect. We have over 200 colours to choose from, many with next-day delivery and suitability for both commodity and engineering polymers.

Our expertise covers almost every polymer, including commodity polymers, such as PP, HDPE, ABS, PS, PET and many engineering polymers such as PA6, PA66, POM – see polymer list – for a more extensive list of materials we can work with.

Colloids are experts in formulating colour and styling effects such as:

  • Pearlescent

  • Metallic

  • Glitter

  • Transparent/translucent

  • Fluorescent

  • Matte

  • Fibres & Stone Textures

Colours can be supplied in combination with a range of enhancement additives such as:

  • Soft touch

  • Anti-static

  • Laser marking

  • Smooth

  • Scratch resistance

  • UV absorbing

  • Process aids

  • Anti-oxidants

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