Laser Marking Additives

The use of lasers continues to grow, and Colloids L-TEC® laser-marking products will allow you to get the best from your laser.

The L-TEC® laser marking additive works by absorbing the laser energy and causing some very localised heating, for a very short time. This creates a dark mark obtained from the burning or charring on the surface or a light mark obtained when the laser causes the polymer to foam. Both light and dark marks are permanent and resistant to light, abrasion and chemicals. High contrast marks can be achieved quickly, and in virtually any colour and shade. Using our in-house laser, every formulation is fully tested and the right balance is achieved between the additive and colourants.

L-TEC® can also be incorporated into transparent polymers either as a natural or coloured tint, creating a dark mark.

In general, laser marking can be used to identify part numbers or product information to be permanently marked compared to a label or print which may peel off or wear off over time.

This makes our laser marking additive ideal as a security masterbatch for anti-counterfeit and other security applications, such as tags and seals, intricate decorative markings.

At Colloids we understand that developing a laser marking product is more complex than just colour, which itself is complex enough. That’s why our R&D teamwork on every laser enquiry to fully optimise each formulation, ensuring your product is the right colour, marks at the fastest speed with the highest contrast, and at the right cost.

laser marking additives 2
laser marking additives

Benefits of laser marking

  • Marks are chemical, light and scuff resistant

  • Anti-counterfeit

  • Non-contact process so no wearing of parts and tools

  • No consumables such as inks and solvents

  • Can easily mark on stepped or curved surfaces, depending on laser capability

  • The laser marking can be incorporated into the process and mark in-line

  • Laser marking is suitable for both low and mass production of parts

  • Not affected by static

L-TEC° compatibility

L-TEC® is compatible with solid state YAG, pumped diode, hybrid fibre, green and UV lasers.

L-TEC® can be supplied as a polymer-specific or universal masterbatch with addition rates from as low as 1% or fully compounded into a specific polymer. All formulations are devised with both the L-TEC® laser marking additive and the colour optimised.

Laser marking – sectors & applications


Lot numbers and manufacture dates for parts will help defend warranty claims from non-OEM parts fitted.
Decoration of interior parts using laser marking.
Recent changes in IATF accreditation requires consideration of anti-counterfeiting technologies.
QR codes or barcodes can be printed to allow for inventory checks, product information etc.


Part identification on keyboards, control switches and some components.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Part decoration and logos, personalisation, use-by dates and promotional codes.

Caps & Closures

Caps can be laser marked with barcodes, decoration and logos, use-by dates and anti-counterfeiting.


Cattle ID tags which are permanently marked.

Food Packaging

Caps can be laser marked with barcodes, decoration and logos, use-by dates and promotional codes.


Recent changes in medical standards require single use items to be identified with lot/ID numbers.

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