Universal Masterbatch - Maxim® Universal Colours

Colloids Maxim® is a truly universal masterbatch using an original patented formulation, with 200 colours available in quantities starting from 1kg.

Based on a universal carrier system, Maxim® is perfect for a wide range of polymers including PVC, nylon and ABS at an average let down of just 1%. Formulated from high quality pigments with excellent performance under most processing conditions, Maxim® universal masterbatch is optimised for diverse processes including injection moulding, blow moulding, profile and sheet extrusion. All pigments vary in colour, strength and opacity. The Maxim® universal masterbatch range combines the high tinting strength of organic pigments with the opacity of inorganics. If you require a colour that is not in our standard range, Colloids will create a custom formulation for you, based on our universal carrier.

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Maxim® complies with RoHS, EU Food Contact and Toy regulations. Advice and further information are available from Colloids’ inhouse Regulatory Affairs Department. This information serves only as a guide and all materials should be fully tested in advance of full-scale production. When selecting your Maxim colour check the processing temperature that you will use as some products are designed for high temperature applications (HT). Colour appearance can be influenced by the colour of the base polymer and should be tested before starting a production run. Please check with Colloids support staff when colourant is required for a light-specific or critical application.

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