Packaging and Containers

Durable, strong and secure, plastic packaging can protect products from dispatch to delivery, reducing breakage and wastage.

Lightweight plastic packaging reduces fuel use in transit, keeps perishable goods fresher for longer, and is widely recycled. The correct packaging for food can extend shelf life and reduce spoilage which ultimately reduces food waste.

Eye-catching packaging gives products a vital commercial edge, and polymer technology can be key to achieving the desired look. With an increasing range of special effects available, Colloids have proven success supplying the packaging industry.

By 2025, the UK Plastics Pact aims for 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable. For brands wishing to develop biodegradable, compostable or bio-polymer materials such as sugar cane, Colloids is the partner of choice. We can help brands develop sustainable packaging solutions and we have the NIR masterbatch technology to make black plastic detectable for recycling.

Sustainable Packaging

Colloids can offer customers a range of eco-friendly masterbatches based on polymers made from a sustainable resource. These polymers have a lower carbon footprint than polymers made from fossil fuels. Colloids are striving to develop grades that are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable, for the good of all.

Sustainable Solutions

Recyclable Black Packaging (NIR)

Plastics containing carbon black prevent NIR (Near Infrared) detectors from recognising the grade of polymer that’s been used in their manufacture. This means this type of packaging often ends up in land fill. By reformulating using alternative colourants to carbon black, Colloids can enable recycling companies to identify the type of base polymers, using their NIR detectors. Once identified these polymers can then be segregated, enabling them to be more readily recycled.

Near-Infrared and Metal Detection

Rigid Packaging

rigid packaging

Lightweight, durable and strong, rigid plastic packaging provides maximum protection to products while maintaining slimline profiles.

Maxim® Universal Colours

Flexible Packaging

flexible packaging

Often used for food packaging, flexible packaging seals products, extending shelf life and avoiding food waste.

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Film Grades

Industrial Containers

industrial containers

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can cause electronic component failure and breakage during production and transportation. Colloids E-TEC conductive and static dissipative plastic compounds protect components from ESD, guaranteeing a longer operation life for electronic devices and reduced failure rate. All the E-TEC® products can be reprocessed and are recyclable, offering a cost-effective solution with excellent performance.

Electrical (E-TEC®)Sustainable Solutions

Personal Care and Cosmetics Containers

personal care cosmetics

Trend-led and changing seasonally, these products require a fast turnaround and an array of colours and effects to help products stand out. The range of effects and stylings that the Colloids Design team can produce is almost limitless – we can provide suggestions of effects that work with your polymer and colour palette. We can also host an onsite colour match with brand owners and the OEM to ensure that the colour match is perfect the same day.

Special Effects

Caps and Closures

At Colloids we create not only regular colours but also recreate aesthetically challenging colours whilst delivering highest distribution at addition rates as low as 1%. We can also incorporate additives that enable faster cycle times and in-use performance with low taint (so that the contents do not have a plastic/chemical taste).

Maxim® Universal ColoursFunctional Additives
colour masterbatch 2

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