Processes & Sectors

We have substantial experience supplying masterbatches for diverse processes across a broad range of applications.



Our technical expertise and decades of operation ensure your extrusion products are of the highest quality.

Injection Moulding

With mastery of commodity and engineering polymers, Colloids supply masterbatch solutions for any job in the injection moulding market.


Colloids’ position as a leading supplier of masterbatch and compounds helps us offer time and cost savings to our customers.

Blow Moulding

For the blow moulding sector, we offer extensive knowledge, proven formulations and a quick turnaround.


Colloids masterbatches offer superior thermoforming properties.

Roto Moulding

Colloids masterbatch consistently delivers a quality finish for roto moulding compounds.


Automotive, Aerospace and Transport

Polymers help the transport sector improve efficiency, increase comfort and take performance to new heights.

Building and Construction

With revolutionary flexibility, durability and customisability, plastics have opened up a world of possibility in construction.

Electrical and Electronics

Plastic innovations in the field of electronics have driven some of the most significant social developments of the 21st century.

Agriculture and Aquaculture

Plastics can improve products that are vital to helping farmers increase yield and improve food security.

Packaging and Containers

Durable, strong and secure, plastic packaging can protect products from dispatch to delivery, reducing breakage and wastage.


In the appliances market, polymers can help improve performance and aesthetics to build a recognisable brand and a loyal customer base.

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