Masterbatch Products and Solutions

The Colloids range is based on many polymer systems, such as ABS, ASA, EVA, PA (Nylon), PBT, PET, PE, PP, PS, SAN, PPS, PPSU, PPA, PEEK and universal carriers. The R & D team also develops appropriate solutions for bespoke customer needs and end use applications.

Total Colour Solutions

Alongside the standard masterbatch products range offering Black, White and Colours (RAL and Pantone), Colloids also offers customised colours and special effects such as metallic, pearlescent, glitter, speckled, marbling and many other ‘bespoke’ colouring solutions.

Functional Additive Solutions

A wide range of functional additive masterbatch products are available in grades which enhance processing and provide end use application performance attributes including: anti-fog, anti-static, anti-block, anti-slip, anti-scratch, anti-stick, anti-bacterial; thermal and fire retardant high performance; UV stability/ absorption; and other specialty functional additives.

Specialist Solutions

The Colloids range includes masterbatch products that provide specialist added value solutions needed by plastic producers for end use application or regulatory requirements. These include: electrical conductivity and ESD (electrostatically dissipative) compounds; biodegradable, bioplastic and NIR black plastic recyclable sustainable solutions; laser marking additives enabling permanent marking of clear and coloured plastic parts.

Processing Solutions

The extensive range of masterbatches, concentrates and additives available are individually formulated to match the type of plastic production process used: extrusion, compounding, injection moulding, blow moulding, roto moulding and thermoforming.

All Colloids products aim to provide added value processing benefits, such as higher throughput rates, as well as improving the quality and functional performance of finished products.

Bespoke Solutions

To gain competitive advantage for your products, contact Colloids R&D friendly team for a bespoke, tailored masterbatch solution.

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