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The ENVIRO-TEC® consists of sustainable and renewable polymer solutions which help reduce the carbon footprint.

Colloids Sustainable Compounds

the environmentally friendly way to colour plastics

Annually, around half a million tonnes of waste coffee grounds are produced in the UK with the majority of these ending up in landfill, where they release methane through degradation.

Colloids have partnered with the UK’s largest recycler of coffee grounds, to offer a sustainable solution.

Colloids have developed a world’s first, innovative range of coffee compounds which are compatible across a broad range of polymers, from bio-based and recycled to standard oil-derived polymers.

When incorporated into a polymer, the coffee produces a natural, dark brown colour with a dark speckled effect. Colloids can optimise formulations to mask or enhance this effect, with the addition of pigments, to suit your design specification. When processed our compounds will produce a subtle coffee aroma.

Our compounds are recommended for injection moulding applications, flexible and rigid packaging, such as caps & closures, trays, POS and consumer household items etc.

In the UK, it is estimated that over 13 billion eggs were consumed in 2019* and this figure continues to rise each year.

The resultant environmental impact is that millions of tonnes of eggshell waste are being sent to landfill each year, causing a huge environmental affect. Eggshells primarily consist of calcium carbonate, making it a great alternative for chalk and therefore reducing the need for mining.

Colloids can incorporate powdered eggshell at concentrations from 10-50% (by weight) into various polymers.

The inclusion of eggshell powder gives a light speckled effect to the finished product. The eggshell compound can be used in a range of polymers with a wide choice of colours to mask or enhance the unique effect.

The eggshell compounds are compatible with L-TEC® laser technology to give a permanent mark, replacing the use of adhesive labels ensuring recycling compatibility.

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