Special Effects Masterbatches

Colloids are experienced in producing an array of special effects, from pearlescent pigments to metal powders, fluorescents and everything in between.

The Colloids team of technical experts is constantly working to improve on existing colour formulations and techniques. We have experience in refining special effect masterbatch to meet our customers’ exacting requirements. That might be an aesthetic desire, improved colour distribution or the need for improved processing to achieve shorter cycle times, ease mould release or reduce waste.

With Colloids’ global reach, we have supply links to, and knowledge of, rare and distinctive effects available around the world. Together with our teams’ expertise, we can design unique colour/effect combinations that will set your product apart.

The formulation of the colour and effect pigment for our special effects masterbatches is just one aspect of providing a masterbatch that performs as the original laboratory trials. At Colloids, we use custom machinery to process the effect pigments in a way that reduces damage of the pigment and maximises the effect.

Whether you’re considering a special glitters masterbatch, marbling masterbatch, fluorescent masterbatch or something even more out of the ordinary, contact the design team to discuss your next project and find out more about our range of colours and effects to meet your brief and budget.

special effects masterbatch


The technical team at Colloids are constantly evaluating the latest pearlescents from all the major suppliers. Producing a consistent pearlescent effect requires skill, experience and an understanding of the end user. To aid customers’ approval of the colour and effect, Colloids has developed a specific tool to help matching which uses a curved surface to bring to life the lustre. Colloids can also offer pearlescent colours made using 100% synthetic mica for ethical, pigments with high lustre and brightness.


Metallic effects are created using metal powders, ranging from silvers to gold to bronze. We have developed a range of aluminium pigments that are brighter than the traditional silvers, offering improved brightness and lustre with reduced flow lines.


This effect can be created using a variety of metals, including the aluminium pigments mentioned above. Colloids are also able to offer new silver-based glitters for significantly higher light reflectance and improved aesthetics. Our technical experts have years of experience in formulating mixes to avoid any damage to the effect during the masterbatch process.

Transparent / Translucent & Edge Glow

We can create a wide range of colours for styrenics and polyolefins that give perfect clarity in a range of tints. With the addition of fluorescent colourants, we can create vibrant edge glow effects, which are especially effective in styrenics for point of sale applications. Mix these with a splash of glitter for a truly eye-catching display.


A marble-effect masterbatch requires the opposite to our usual aim of perfect dispersion: the carrier is carefully selected so it will not readily homogenise with the base polymer. This creates the attractive swirling patterns associated with marble. Our laboratory has developed a number of proven carriers for most polymer systems and can craft a bespoke solution for any application you have in mind.

Wood Effect

Colloids can supply a colourant masterbatch and foaming agent which when used in combination can create wood effects in a range of colours and patterns. These products are available for most polymers and processes.


Our low plate-out, formaldehyde-free masterbatches overcome the problems of long production runs for fluorescent polymers, namely gassing, staining and time lost to maintenance. We are able to supply fluorescent masterbatches for polyolefins, polyamides, polyesters and styrenics.


Our range of matte effects, supplied as a pre-coloured compound, impart a matte effect for surface texture and visual effect. The matte effects do not require any modification of the mould and are available in a variety of polymers, though the effect is most notable in dark shades and blacks.

Fibres & Stone Textures

Using our custom-designed extrusion equipment, we are able to add small fibre and fleck effects to plastics for enhanced texture. These can create natural-looking granite and stone effects, as well as textiles. Due to the nature of the materials used, this is limited by processing temperatures and so is generally available for thermal stabilities up to 260ºC.

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