Biodegradable Masterbatch & Sustainable Polymer Solutions

Sustainability is a core value for Colloids and an integral part of the Group’s corporate social responsibility. The business understands the need to offer customers better plastic recyclability and more sustainable bio based polymer masterbatch solutions to meet the growing global socioeconomic demand for more environmentally friendly plastic products.

In response, Colloids has developed an innovative range of greener, more sustainable biodegradable masterbatches for bioplastics as an alternative to conventional petroleum-based polymers. To reduce plastic waste landfill and incineration, Colloids can now also offer packaging customers environmentally friendly ‘non-carbon black’ based masterbatch alternatives. This black masterbatch product innovation enables PE, PP and PET based black plastic household and industrial mixed plastic waste to be detected and recovered by existing waste recycling centres that use near-infrared (NIR) technology for identifying and separating polymer grades.

In addition to the two standard NIR detectable black masterbatch grades available, Colloids also makes to order bespoke NIR detectable black masterbatches or compounds for virtually any polymer currently used for manufacturing flexible or rigid black plastic packaging.

Colloids Sustainable masterbatch products offered as standard include:

ENVIRO-TEC® Biodegradable and Bioplastics masterbatches

– three Colloids ENVIRO-TEC® standard grades are now available, developed primarily for rigid and flexible packaging producers looking to offer products that can be degraded or recycled easily. This includes the production of coloured biodegradable PE and PP based products to meet regulatory compostable standards, such as EN 1342 and ASTM 6400.


Black Plastic Packaging Recycling (NIR)

– the two standard Colloids NIR-detectable black masterbatch products now available enable PE, PP and PET manufacturers to use existing production equipment and conventional processing conditions to produce mixed recycling waste compliant black plastic packaging products. This includes food trays, containers, caps, sheet and film products. Both standard NIR-detectable black masterbatch formulations meet EC AP (89)1 European Resolution on the use of colourants in plastic materials used in contact with food.

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