Colouring the World Sustainably -
additives for sustainable bioplastics

Sustainable Polymer Solutions

Sustainability is a core value for Colloids and an integral part of the Group’s corporate social responsibility. The business understands the need to offer customers better plastic recyclability and more sustainable bio based polymer masterbatch solutions to meet the growing global socioeconomic demand for more environmentally friendly plastic products.

In response, Colloids has developed an innovative range of greener, more sustainable masterbatches for biodegradable and bioplastics as an alternative to conventional petroleum-based polymers.

In addition to the two standard NIR detectable black masterbatch grades available, Colloids also makes to order bespoke NIR detectable black masterbatches or compounds for virtually any polymer currently used for manufacturing flexible or rigid black plastic packaging.

Colloids Sustainable Polymer products offered as standard include:

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