Colloids have supplied high quality masterbatches to the sheet and thermoforming industry for over 50 years: our masterbatches offer superior thermoforming properties.

Masterbatch is key to the production of the sheet material used as the feedstock for the thermoforming process. Inhomogeneities in the cast or calendared sheet not only give an unacceptable appearance, they will also have an adverse effect on the moulded product properties. High-quality dispersion of masterbatch is therefore essential for any extruded sheet which will be used in thermoforming.

Choice of pigment and carriers is critical since thermoforming involves thinning and drawdown: if the masterbatch is incorrect, then part thickness, level of detail and quality of surface finish will be affected and inconsistencies and warpage may occur.

With our extensive experience supplying to this industry, Colloids has a range of products suitable for thermoforming and are ideally placed to understand and advise on our customers’ requirements.

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