Ultra High-Performance Blacks (T-TEC®)

Our high-temperature T-TEC range has been specially developed for ultra high-performance polymers.

The Colloids range of T-TEC® ultra high-temperature black masterbatches are for high-performance, amorphous and semi-crystalline engineering polymers that can withstand continuous operating temperatures above 150 °C, complimenting Colloids’ range of PACE® engineering polymer masterbatches.

Colloids’ ultra high temperature masterbatch grades have been developed to meet the demands from manufacturers with pigments that can withstand reheating and processing temperatures exceeding 350 °C.

The T-TEC® range is formulated using specially selected and formulated pigments and carrier systems based on PPS, PPSU, PPA and PEEK. These masterbatches can meet the most demanding compounding applications without affecting the mechanical performance or chemical resistance of the base polymers. Depending on the polymer grade, we can supply high-temperature masterbatches in blue, red, yellow, orange, green, brown, grey or black.

We also offer a bespoke T-TEC® ultra high-performance black masterbatch service for a wide range of other high-performance engineering polymers.

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