Colloids manufacture a comprehensive range of white masterbatch products that are used extensively throughout the thermoplastics industry.

Whether you require enhanced opacity, improved processability or a bespoke solution, Colloids’ white masterbatch products fit the bill. We have our own regulatory affairs department to help customers select the right standard grades to meet the many and varied international food contact, toy, and waste packaging regulations that operate around the world. Many customers who need maximum opacity use our highly loaded titanium dioxide grades, especially important when film converters are looking to down gauge to reduce their packaging costs. We provide white masterbatches based on polymer systems such as ABS, ASA, EVA, PA (Nylon), PBT, PET, PE, PP, PS, SAN and universal carriers.

High-Performance Engineering (PACE®)

The Colloids high-performance (PACE®) range has been specially formulated for engineering polymers for the thermoplastics industry.


Colloids has over 35 years’ experience supplying the polyolefin industry for pipe compounds. Our understanding of this safety-critical market is underscored by our excellent quality control.


We know that sometimes you don’t need a shade of white, you need the shade of white. As with our colour masterbatches we operate a swift and accurate colour matching service so we can help you get the exact tone you need. These can be engineered to include a wide range of properties such as antistatic, UV stability, mould release, antibacterial and more.


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